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Staying-style tours/workations

Recommended courses

From Amami Airport to Setouchi Town

It takes about 2 hours by car if you come via Route 58 directly from the airport to Setouchi Town.

There are many tourist spots alongside Route 58 and, if you stop by them on your way, you could easily make a full day of it before you arrive in Setouchi Town.

Recommended course 1: Stop by tourist spots


Cape Ayamaru

One of the main tourist spots in northern Amami.
Great views of the Pacific Ocean and mountains.

For more details here

Source page: Discover Kagoshima Office Travel Guide


Amami Park

If you learn about Amami's unique nature, climate, and culture before sightseeing, you can enjoy your time on the island even more.

For more details here

Source page: Amami Park Official Site


Oshima Tsumugimura Village

Experience making and dyeing the tsumugi textiles that represents traditional Amami culture.You will be amazed at its precision. 

For more details here

Source page: Oshima Tsumugimura Village Official Site


Heart Rock

The heart shape appears only at low tide. 
A must-see spot for a memorable trip.

For more details here

Source page: Discover Kagoshima Office Travel Guide


Kaseken Hill (A view of 2 oceans)

Within the panoramic view, you can see the Pacific Ocean on your right and the East China Sea on your left.

For more details here

Source page: Tatsugo Town Hall Official Page

黒潮の森 マングローブパーク

Mangrove Park

A mangrove forest spread out over the tidal land at the mouth of the river.
Enjoy the fresh air of Amami while rowing a canoe. 

For more details here

Source page: Mangrove Park Official Page

Recommended course 2: Enjoy the nature of Amami


Yoan Beach

It is a famous beach in northern Amami.

For more details here

Source page: Discover Kagoshima Office Travel Guide


Ichiribaru (A virgin forest and a hill overlooking two oceans)

Enjoy Amami forests and overlooking the East China Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean.

For video for more details here: (from the beginning to the 3:30 mark)

Source page: Wide Area Administration Association of Amami Islands Official YouTube Channel


Mangrove Tidal Land

Observe endemic plants and animals of the tidal land that can only be seen here.


Yakugachi Eco Road (a mountain stream)

Take a therapeutic walk by this stream in a national park.

For more details here

Source page: Amami Tourism & Products Federation Official Site


Mt. Kouchiyama (A panoramic view of Oshima Strait)

Mt. Kouchi overlooks the Oshima Strait and subtropical multi-island seascape below.

For more details here

Source page: Amami Setouchi Kanko Kyokai Tourism Association

- After arriving in Setouchi Town

After arriving in Setouchi Town, Long-term Stays/Workations

瀬戸内町についてから 長期滞在・ワーケーションへ
瀬戸内町についてから 長期滞在・ワーケーションへ
瀬戸内町についてから 長期滞在・ワーケーションへ

Planning your stay: Please click here to consult with our concierge service. Long-term Stay without meals - 3,000 yen/night 21,000 yen/week On the mainland Amami-Oshima, you can expect your accommodation to have Wi-Fi available. On Kakeroma Island, fast internet is not available, but your mobile phone will work within villages.

What to do during your workation?

Besides getting your work done, you can enjoy encountering wildlife in Amami's forests, going on Setouchi's war heritage tours, as well as practicing snorkeling, SUP, and beach cleaning. At night, you can experience Izakaya-style island dinners, shima-uta musical performances, as well as night tours to search for wildlife in Amami's forests. Our concierge service will help you create your tours, so feel free to contact us anytime.


Encountering Wildlife in Amami's Forests

You get to see mammals such as the Amami rabbit, many reptiles and amphibians, as well as many rare plants.


War Heritage Tours

There are many pre-WWII ruins in Setouchi Town. Visit and immerse yourself in the emotion of history.

奄美の海で泳ぐ サンゴ礁でシュノーケル、SUP 

Swimming in the Sea of Amami
Snorkeling in the coral reefs and doing SUP (stand-up paddling)

Swim with the fishes in the beautiful coral reefs between workations.


Getting Diving Qualification in Amami

Get licensed in the actual coral reef seas between workations.
It is more economical than getting the license on the mainland.


Experiencing Island Meals

Make and taste Amami cuisine, such as Keihan, which is a famous shredded chicken rice bowl soup using local ingredients.


Experiencing Shima-uta (Amami's folk music)

For Amami people, Shima-uta is a part of their lives.
Spend an evening with the entertainment of Amami.


Beach Cleaning - Work on Environmental Issues.

Thank you for your cooperation in environmental conservation of the World Heritage site.

Estimated Budget for Your Stay/Workation


Minshuku (boarding with 2 meals) in Koniya - 50,000 yen/week

A room with Wi-Fi in Koniya - 3,000 yen/night, 21,000 yen/week

Convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants are nearby.

Other Izakayas and bars are also nearby.

Car rental - 3,000 yen/24 hrs

Forests (World Natural Heritage sites) and breathtaking beaches are located within a one-hour drive.

Tour guides and marine activity guides are available for hire from 8,000 yen.

A mangrove forest spread out over the tidal land at the mouth of the river.

加計呂麻島コース さらなる秘境/加計呂麻島まで足を延ばす

You can get to Kakeroma Island from Koniya either by ferry or sea taxi.
It is difficult to secure meals on Kakeroma Island, so we recommend an inn with meals.
There are only a limited number of places for lunch, so plan ahead.

There are many inns that do not serve meals, but in that case, you will need to buy food on the mainland beforehand.

Minshuku with 2 meals - about 10,000 yen/night, 70,000 yen/week
Fast internet is not available, but your mobile phone will work within villages.
Battery-assisted bike rental - 2,000 yen/day
Rental car - 3,000 yen/day

Flexible Course
We will help you create your own course to your liking.


Depending on what you want to experience, suggestions will be made so that you can really enjoy our town.

There are various activities in the forests or oceans, and we have a rich history and culture for you to enjoy. Our concierge service will be your best assistant for booking accommodations and services.


*Our service will be available free of charge until June 2022! Please feel free to contact us.

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