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Aiming for sustainable staying-style tourism

As a newly designated World Natural Heritage site, residents and governments of Amami-Oshima Island are working on encouraging sustainable tourism, based on SDGs, across the whole island.
We are here to help you plan your staying-style workation or long-term tour.

An official site by Amami Setouchi Kanko Kyokai Tourism Association for a project to create new staying-style tours, based on sustainability initiatives.

- What do SDGs mean in Setouchi Town tourism?

Setouchi SDGs?

As a newly designated World Natural Heritage site, residents and governments of Amami-Oshima Island are working on sustainable tourism based on SDGs.

Touring in Setouchi Town means participating in the SDGs initiatives in this town.

"Our town is very much suited for long-term stays and workations."

Amami's nature that is designated as a World Natural Heritage site is unrivaled. Touring through the forests and oceans teeming with biodiversity is precisely aligned with SDG principles.

At Minshuku (Japanese-style inns) and local restaurants, you get to enjoy healthy dishes made with fresh local ingredients.

Snorkeling and SUP (stand-up paddling) activities do not produce global warming greenhouse gases.

In the forests, you get to see many endemic types of birds, animals, and plants inhabiting only in this area.

In the ocean with many coral reefs, you will enjoy encounters with colorful fishes, sea turtles, or even whales in the winter.

In our town, power-assisted bicycles can be rented and other environmentally-friendly ways to travel are available.

Setouchi Town is finishing a convenient facility built for workation-type travelers.

せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト
せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト

Photo:Feel Amami

せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト


Stay-type sightseeing / worcation 1-week model tour

Most of the inns on the main island side are equipped with WiFi, and WiFi on Kakeromajima is under construction, but mobile radio waves can be received within the village.

In addition to work in wormcation, you can touch creatures in Amami Forest, take a battlefield tour, tackle environmental problems with snorkeling, SUP, and beach cleaning in the beautiful coral sea of Amami.

In the evening, the concierge will help you create an itinerary, such as island cuisine and island song experience at an izakaya, and a night tour looking for wildlife in the Amami Forest. Please feel free to contact us first.

せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト

Economical Long-term Course

With the town-center of Koniya as your base, you can enjoy working and playing while utilizing the workation facility as your main workstation.

Minshuku (boarding with 2 meals) in Koniya - 50,000 yen/week
A room with WiFi in Koniya - 3,000 yen/night, 21,000 yen/week

Convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants are nearby.
Other Izakayas and bars are also nearby.

Car rental - 3,000 yen/24 hrs

Forests (World Natural Heritage sites) and breathtaking beaches are located within a one-hour drive.

Tour guides and marine activity guides are available for hire from 8,000 yen.

Kakeroma Island Long-term Course

For more adventurous travelers, workation on Kakeroma Island in deep nature is recommended.

It is difficult to access restaurants on Kakeroma Island, so we recommend that you stay at inns that are serving meals.

Minshuku with 2 meals - about 10,000 yen/night
Fast internet is not available, but your mobile phone will work within villages.

Battery-assisted bike rental - 2,000 yen/day

Rental car - 3,000 yen/day

You can fully experience Amami by combining this tour with a tour on the main island.

せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト
せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト

Flexible Course

We will help you create your own course to your liking.

Depending on what you want to experience, suggestions will be made so that you can really enjoy our town.

There are various activities in the forests or oceans, and we have rich history and culture for you to enjoy.

Our concierge service will be your best assistant for booking accommodations and services.

Please feel free to contact us.

せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト


Assistance for Long-term Stay and Concierge Service

We are here to help you plan your long-term stay.

せとうちSDGs | 奄美せとうち観光協会 SDGsに基づく新しい滞在型サステナブルツアー創生事業公式サイト

Concierge Service

- Booking inns and hotels
- Booking/suggesting restaurants
- Booking activities/tour guide services
- Other services

Please contact our specialized concierge service directly.
We will return your calls when we cannot answer.

Contact phone number: +81 90 2157 3111 (Mr. Sugioka)



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